• Garnet Chip and Gold Earrings


    Modern Renaissance Garnet Chip Earrings take you from the past to the future.


    Eighteen dark red Garnet chips and six dainty golden Bali baubles combine to charm you and everyone you meet!


    Garnet Qualities – Promotes romantic love, passion, sensuality and intimacy.

    Astrological Sign – Aquarius

    Birthstone – January


    Gold Qualities - It is the heaviest natural mineral on earth and is so ductile that a small pile of gold dust can be turned into a solid disc with a hammer blow.  It will neither corrode nor tarnish.


    Every piece of jewelry is unique and is handcrafted when ordered.  Thus, it may take from 5-7 days to finish the item and we will have it in the post shortly after our final inspection!