• Genuine Blue Dumortierite & Gold Mermaid Charm Bracelet


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    Blue Dumortierite Seas & The Mermaid Bracelet

    This Blue Dumortierite Seas bracelet features 8mm Blue Dumortierite stones and four 18k gold overlay Bali beads.   A 14k gold 11mm toggle clasp enhance this bracelet.  The 20mm gold Brittanium Mermaid charm is the perfect adornment.

    John Smith, of Pocahontas fame, caught sight of a mermaid off the coast of Newfoundland in 1614, noting “that her long green hair imparted to her an original character that was by no means unattractive.” And in 1493 Christopher Columbus caught sight of the mythical mermaid near what is now the Dominican Republic.

    Blue Dumortierite Qualities – Dumortierite helps you to take control of your own life and also increases your level of patience.  Dumortierite enhances intellectual abilities.  This stone is named for the French paleontologist Dumortier, who first recorded it.  Deposits of Dumortierite have been found in Madagascar, Nimibia, Sri Lanka, Canada, Poland, France, Brazil and the USA.

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