• Genuine Lavender Amethyst & Sterling Silver Talisman Bracelet


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    Catherine’s Amethyst & SS saucer bracelet

    As purple is a cardinal and regent color, one can find amethysts in the crown jewels of many nations including those of Great Britain and Russia. Catherine the Great of Russia (1729-1796) had a great passion for amethysts.

    This wonderful Lavender Amethyst & sterling silver bracelet will make you feel like a queen!

    Twenty-five 8mm Lavender Amethyst Rondeles and twenty-four sterling silver saucer beads with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

    Amethyst Qualities – It is said to strengthen relationships and give the wearer courage. 

    Amethyst is almost certainly the most coveted member of the quartz family. It has a color range from a deep purple with red flashes (known as Siberian amethyst) to a pale lilac with blue undertones (Rose de France.) These colors are the result of minor trace elements of ferric iron.

    Birthstone – February

    Silver Qualities - Where gold is the metal of the sun, silver is the metal of the moon, representing her many energies.  With its reflective sheen, silver mirrors the soul, bringing calm, peace and focus to those who use its metaphysical vibrations. Many believe that silver attracts and enhances the energies of gemstones, and subdues negative energies.

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