• Picasso Jasper and Gold Bracelet


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    Picasso Jasper & Gold Talisman Bracelet

    This lovely bracelet features genuine Picasso Jasper beads, ten Bali gold overlay 4mm daisy baubles, two 18k gold overlay Bali beads and a 14k gold filled toggle clasp.

    Picasso Jasper Qualities – Picasso Marble is sometimes called Picasso Jasper.  It helps to ground and calm.  It is thought to assist in the development of creativity and self-discipline.

    Gold Qualities - It is the heaviest natural mineral on earth and is so ductile that a small pile of gold dust can be turned into a solid disc with a hammer blow.  It will neither corrode nor tarnish.

    Every piece of jewelry is unique and is handcrafted when ordered.  Thus, it may take from 5-7 days to finish the item and we will have it in the post shortly after our final inspection!